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Advanced ECRs from the Worlds Leading ECR Builder.                               Bar Code Scanning                                                                                               Scale Interface                                                                                                 Remote Printing                                                                                                  Electronic Payment                                                                                               Kitchen Video                                                                                               http://www.crs-usa.com                                                                                   

Future POS, Award Winning Software.                                    iPad & Android compatible.                                Hospitality,  takeout, delivery.                                                       Labor Scheduling.                                                          Reservations.                                                         Pizza & delivery.                                                                      Bar Tabs.                                                                                           Built in Frequent Diner Program                                                    Gift Cards                                        http://futurepos.com                          

Free Harbortouch Hospitality Point of Sale system.            Lifetime Equipment Warranty.                                          Exceptional 24/7 support.                                                               No upfront cost.                                                                                Free Installation & programming.                                                                                  iPad mobile POS option.                                                                  50 Free Customized Gift Cards                                                      http://www.harbortouch.com

Credit Card Terminals                                                                      Secure payment PCI compliant.                                                Secure mobile payment.                                                          Wireless terminals.

Infotouch Retail Software.                                                      Customizable Platforms to suite your business                            Single store to Large chains                                                       Online Store.                                                                                        Realtime Inventory reporting.                                                        Automatic Purchase Order generation.                                      Customer Loyalty.                                                                      Marketing & email blasts.                                                                 Hand Held Inventory                                                                                Total Touch Operations                       http://www.infotouch.com

Supplies                                                                                              Thermal POS receipt paper.  230 ft, 50 rolls per case          Single case price $87.00ea.  2 case price $82.00ea.               10 case deal $66.00ea.                                                                    Paper rolls for most ECRs.                                                             Ribbons in stock for most registers.                                                                                  

ATMs                                                                                                                        Proven increased foot traffic.                                                                              Generate additional revenue from ATM surcharges.                                     FREE installation.